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Monthly Archives: January 2023

Hindenburg research report released just before Adani FPO, causing stock crash

Hindenburg research report accusing the Adani group of accounting fraud, stock market manipulation was released just before the Adani follow on public offer (FPO) with share price of Rs 3112 -3276
Many investors believed the report, due to which the stock prices crashed more than 20%
Though the mainstream media is in denial accounting fraud is widespread in the country, with government agencies, tech and internet companies allegedly led by google, tata openly involved in banking, accounting fraud on small online business owners, to get no work, no investment government jobs for the lazy greedy fraud relatives and friends of top government employees in a sophisticated form of bribery.

Specifically in goa banking, accounting fraud levels are very high,with banking fraudster government employees, openly slandering small online business owners to cheat, exploit, rob them.

Sah Polymers IPO details

Sah Polymers IPO details
IPO size: Rs 62-66 crores
IPO opened on 28 December 2022
IPO closed on 4 January 2023
Bid lot: 230 shares and multiples
Price band: Rs 61-65
This was one of the few IPOs where the price band was less than Rs 100

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