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Monthly Archives: January 2021

QIB, NII applications increase on the final day of IRFC IPO

IRFC IPO applications on 20 January 2021 (originally posted by Eagleeye on Chittorgarh, reposted for information only)

QIB*: 03.61X (*Excluding Anchor)
NII: 01.78X
RII: 03.46X
Empl.: 39.69X
Total: 03.15X

*RII Applications: 24.03L* Approx
No. of Applic-wise: 2.21X

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Hence she can only subscribe to IPOs of profit making companies with IPO price less than Rs 30 for face value Rs 10 like the IRFC IPO

Mainly retail investors have subscribed to IRFC IPO

IRFC IPO Subscription on 19 January 2021 copied from online sources, only for reference

———————– BSE ————– NSE —————— Total
QIB ————— 0.0016 ———– 0.00002 ————– 0.0016x
NII —————- 0.2032 ———– 0.0386 ————– 0.24x
RII —————– 1.2198 ———– 1.1146 ————– 2.33x
EMP ————- 25.7739 ———– 1.6325 ————– 27.41x

Total —————0.6578———–0.5658————–1.22x

Total No.of Application (Approx) —– 1563695
Retail Subscription on the basis of Applications — 1.44x
Total Retail Subscription ——2.33x

IPO closes tomorrow, R&AW/cbi employees especially robber riddhi nayak caro, ruchika kinge are not associated with website

Indian Railway Finance Corporation Limited IPO opens on 18 January 2021

One of the most closely monitored IPOs is the Indian Railway Finance Corporation Limited (IRFC) which IPO opens on 18 January 2021 and closes on 20 January 2021
The face value of the shares is Rs 10
IPO pricing for shares is Rs 25 to Rs 26
Minimum lot size for retail investors is 575 shares
So the smallest investment the investor can make is Rs 14950
The IPO size is Rs 4633.38 crore
Compared to other IPOs where the IPO share price is usually very high , more than Rs 1000 for shares of face value Rs 10, the pricing is reasonable
Allottment will be confirmed on January 25,2021
IPO listing date : January 29, 2021

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Grey market premium is a major incentive for indian IPO investors

It appears that a large number of indian IPO investors are considering the grey market premium (GMP) when they apply for the IPO
Many of the investors are opening multiple demat accounts and applying for the IPO
After the IPO listing is complete they are selling the shares to make a quick profit
Most of the IPOs like IRFC and indigo paints IPO, the minimum lot size value is Rs 14900 + , yet investors have enough funds in their account to apply to multiple IPOs, using different demat account
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